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Christophe Jacrot ~ Paris under the Rain

Christophe Jacrot, French photographer, lives and works in Paris. He started off in the film industry, before moving on to photography, his first passion. Christophe started photographing the rain by accident. “I had an order for a travel book about Paris, and sun was a pre-requisite for all the photos! But the weather was desperately rotten, and that is how I had the idea of starting the Paris in the rain series. It was a sort of contradiction…”

After realizing “Paris Under the Rain”, Christophe was looking for a very different city to shoot, but also very urban. Hong Kong quickly become his number one choice because of its raining season and its crazy urban life. New York, London and many others followed quickly after! He is fascinated by the confrontation between two massive forces: weather and towns. "The first thing that attracts me is the romantic dimension and the emotion of the rain, (snow) and the unexploited visual universe hidden behind it".