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Daniel Wall, 1965 | Intense Impressionist painter

Daniel Wall is the originator of Intense Impressionism, which is characterized by unsurpassed intensity and boldness.
Started in the 1980s by Daniel Wall, Intense Impressionist techniques include big, conspicuous strokes created with palette knifes, extreme texture with heavy paints, intensified vibrant colors, and exaggerated striking effects of lights.
Daniel Wall's Intense Impressionist landscape and cityscape paintings are very much loved by the collectors around the world.

Daniel Wall studied fine arts at Florence University of Italy in 1983, where within a few years he established his reputation as a rising superstar artist.
In 1990, he visited and studied oriental art at Beijing Normal University and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
From 1995-1999 he was a fine art professor at Shandong University and published hundreds of illustrations in journals and books.
He also holds a Master's degree from Georgia Southern University, United States.

Daniel Wall has exhibited and won many awards in the U.S., Italy, Japan, China, Germany and Spain.

Daniel Wall now resides and paints in Greenville, North Carolina.
He is currently one of the most active and recognized artists in cityscape painting in the world.
His success is also marked by his highly coveted portraits, watercolors and illustrations.
His paintings continue to be collected in the United States and around the world.