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Jim Hansel, 1960 | Wildlife / Landscape painter

Jim Hansel was born in Chaska, MN. and began painting at the age of 15. He developed his artistic skills while attending the University of Minnesota, where he graduated with a B.F.A. degree in commercial art in 1985.
In 1989, Hansel was a featured artist in the Courage Card Collection.
He was also a semi-finalist in the Minnesota Deer Hunter's Assn. print competition, several times, a finalist in the Colorado Duck Stamp Competition.

Hansel has a great passion for wildlife and the outdoors. He focuses on combining wildlife subjects with interesting and colorful landscapes. His greatest talent lies in his ability to recognize the unique characteristics of nature then accurately portraying it in his art. He is a sportsman at heart and enjoys all outdoor activities.
Working in oil paints, Hansel creates masterpieces six days a week in his home studio. In 1992, Jim Hansel was commissioned by Minnesota Ducks Unlimited to produce their Minnesota print of the year, "Autumn Ringnecks". In the same year, he also produced the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association's sponsor print, "River Bottom Buck".