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Arvind Kolapkar, 1975 | Figurative painter

Arvind Kolapkar, Indian painter, born in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra and completed a Diploma in Art Education from the Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune, in 2000. Prior to that, he received a General Diploam in art in 1999 and an Art Teacher's diploam in 1993, both from the same institution.
He has had solo exhibitions of his work at Atelier Art Gallery, Mumbai, in 2008; Alankritha Art Gallery, Hyderabad, in 2007; and Singapore Art Gallery, Singapore, in 2006. He has also participated in the Singapore Art Festival in 2004-2006.
His work has been a part of group shows at Nehru Centre, Mumbai, and Heritage Art Gallery, Ahmedabad. Kolapkar was awarded the State Art Painting Award in 2002.

Kolapkar’s works are bright, happy expressions of joyous unions. In most of his paintings, one observes an amorous couple or groups of friends enjoying each other’s company, giving his work the appearance of a tribute to the relationships that people share.
A flute is a constant motif, appearing in almost all of his canvases, provoking one to make references to the mythical Krishna and his idyllic world of joy.
Not experimenting greatly with the medium or the form, Kolapkar’s acrylics on canvas can be easily identified by the bright use of a single background colour; slender, elongated women in black with coloured foreheads and noses; and the presence of a flute.