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Lesley Anne Derks, 1977 | Cityscape painter

Lesley-Anne Derks, Scottish painter, was born in Scotland (Falkirk) and spent her childhood growing up in the industrial town of Grangemouth, with companies such as BP and ICI dominating the skyline with their buildings and plants, lighting up the sky at night with their orange glow. While at school it was this orange glow that would appear in some of her early paintings.

After leaving school, Lesley studied for a year at Falkirk Technology College, then studied at the Glasgow school of art, studying fine art drawing and painting.
In her final year Lesley took part in a 3 month exchange in Barcelona, which was when she became most fascinated with night scenes.
It was from here that she decided that this would be the main style for her works, once again using the orange glow from Grangemouth as her main starting point in her pieces.
Her art is depicts the cityscapes of Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Paris, New York, San Fransisco.