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Peihang Huang, 1984 ~ The Pop Art of Barbie Doll

Peihang Huang [黃沛涵] was born in Taipei, Taiwan and is a full time artist. Huang uses vibrant oil paints to create these dreamy, saccharine, and occasionally morbid portraits inspired by Barbie Dolls.
Taiwanese young artist Peihang Huang, as a young generation of the land in chaotic situation both cultural and political, her painting tap aim to Taiwan’s history while linking it to global culture by referencing Western Pop culture to portray her feeling about being Taiwanese. At the same time, as an artist in residential, she turns her way to involve/intervene the foreign city in a Taiwanese point of view by holding conceptual events based on the execution by painting and video.

My work: 'Fleshy Fairytale series, of all those merely nude figures are based on Barbie Dolls and puppets, it links to the strong mixed influence of Chinese, Japanese and American culture to Taiwan, which refers to the issue of identity of my culture; and also focusing on several topics and events that is important in our life, such as death/life/ love/ beauty/body/timing, I believe puppets are the perfect figure to project human behaviors and philosophies'.