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Alain Choisnet, 1962 | Figurative sculptor

Alain Choisnet, British sculptor: "I was born in Britain at the foot of the magnificent castle of Ferns, but c is in a Paris suburb that I grew up. The benches of the school selected me to the call of working life that took me on a power more attractive than the calculation of the hypotenuse! Nevertheless philosophical studies, parallel university course, gave me a solid understanding of the human being.

This knowledge helped me tremendously to assert myself as an artist. It is enough to seize a gesture, an emotion, then to set them while preserving the sincerity of moment and the fluidity of the movement".
We are seduced as much by the quality and the delicacy of its sculptures as by the serenity which they pass on. Its representation of the feminine is delicate and expressive while remaining contemporary.