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Carl Milles | The Hand of God, 1950

The Hand of God was one of Swedish sculptor🎨 Carl Milles' (1875-1955) last works before his death.
A small man is standing on a large hand.
He is looking upwards and his body is tense, with fingers splayed. The man is balancing on the index finger and thumb of the large hand, a feat that seems difficult enough in itself, but his exertion is of another nature.

He is gazing with rapt attention at something in the sky, as though he were receiving a message or taking part in a dialogue.
Carl Milles worked on The Hand of God from 1949-1953. This was one of three major commissions he received in the 1950s and completed before his death in 1955.
The original was made for the Swedish city of Eskilstuna, and today it can also be seen in other places around the world, for instance in Tokyo, Melbourne and Beijing.

Carl Milles (1875-1955) is Sweden's most famous sculptor. He was one of Rodin's assistants in Paris, was well-traveled and influenced by many sources, and he became an American citizen in 1945.
His works can be found all over the world. Many can be seen in MillesGården, a wonderful outdoor museum in Lindigö, one of the northern islands in Stockholm.