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Dmitri Danish, 1966 | Venice Evening

Дмитрий Даниш, Ukrainian painter, known for working in the Impressionist style, was born in Kharkiv.
He was a natural artist from the start.
His mother, an artist herself, was the first to discover Dmitri's talent and began to teach him to draw and paint.
At age 12 he was accepted into a Kharkiv Art School, and by age 15 he was enrolled at the Kharkiv State Art College.

Danish's most favorite genre is cityscapes. He paints cities that he read about in books, cities that he heard about on the radio or in people's conversations.
He creates new countries in his mind and painted streets, canals, houses and quiet corners.
His imagination was able to take him to those unusual and magical worlds that he saw in his dreams and his talent enabled him to paint what he saw in his dreams.