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Georges Armand ~ Fashion painter

Originally from Canada, Georges Armand is the youngest of a family of 6 children with artistic talent. Of self-educated nature, he showed from an early age a fascination for the universe of the visual arts. His adolescent interests were aimed at experimenting different artistic techniques and several art categories. Today, in addition to evoking an obvious care in the fluidity of its feature, it is with an ease that the artist transposes us in his own universe. It is by a fusion between the blend of the textures and lights, emphasized by a contrast wished, that Georges Armand puts the characters of his works in dramatic and aesthetic scenes within a contemporary urban atmosphere.
My artistic adventure continues across a new collection where «women» are the recurrent theme, which imports its origin, she’s always staged in an urban atmosphere.
Inspired by the contemporary face of today’s society, the composition of my painting becomes a whirl of material which texturise a game of line and light giving birth to my expression by the translucence of my colors.