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Guim Tió Zarraluki, 1987 | Abstract painter

Guim Tió Zarraluki is a Spanish painter who creates stunning abstracted portraits illustrations starting from photographs he likes to cover and transform with paint.
The original picture is almost completely buried by a new geological level.
Only a nose, mouth or ear is left untouched, as a trace of the subject’s past life.
The bold act brings a re-birth.

The new faces stare at you with pin pointed, barely drawn eyes, while open lips with painted little teeth enhance a carnivorous smile.
The effect of Guim Tiò’s work is spectacular, vibrant, humorous and tragic at the same time.

His pictorial research starts from the interest in the human condition, treated with humour, irony and a strong degree of provocation, reflects on a society full of taboos and submitted to a visual tyranny of television, advertising and of course, magazines Fashion.
Tió Zarraluki's work has been shown in different countries, including Taiwan, Italy, Australia, Spain, Morocco, Canada and the United States.