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Nathaniel Skousen ~ American Figurative painter

Nathaniel Skousen lives in Leavenworth, Washington a small town in the foothills of the Cascades. He lives surrounded by forests, mountains, rivers and rustic barns that continuously feed his artistic imagination. Nathaniel is often found painting the beauty of his surroundings. He enjoys hiking and fly fishing in high mountain destinations as well. While fly-sishing is one of his favorite past times, his mind is continuously drawn to the pursuit of a perfect painting.
Nathaniel was trained in portraiture in college, and sought to learn anatomy from life. He spent many hours drawing cadavers and studying anatomy and physiology. It was while he was presenting some of his cadaver sketches to a class that he first saw his future wife.
Nathaniel found many useful teachers that guided him in understanding of many painting fundamentals. It has been his relentless study of master artists’ painting videos, however, that has further inspired him to paint emotion, mystery and intrigue.