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Pedro Ruiz, 1957 ~ Conceptual painter

Pedro Ruiz, Colombian painter, was born in Bogotá. At the National School of Beaux Arts in Paris, starts exploring painting and at Stanley William Hayter's studio, Atelier 17, dwells into different printing techniques. His trajectory of exhibits includes important museums in Mexico, Colombia and Spain, as well as prestigious galleries in these three countries as well as the United States.
In 1999 he puts together "The Natural Library" with the participation of over 50 intellectual and scientific artists of Colombia, invited to confront their crafts and knowledge among themselves in a space designed uniquely for this task.
This experience launches him to create the group "nadieøpina" (nobody comments) in the year 2000. This group of artists, open to participation, does multiple artistic projects of a highly experimental nature. En 2002 they win the contest "Exhibits at the Santa Fe Gallery" with the project "Place of Residence" done in collaboration with the Brazilian collective, "Clube Da Lata."
His works "Desplazamientos" and "Love is in the Air" search, through a process of multiple showings, to transform their individual character into installations and interactive events that approach in a broad manner the themes of narcotraffic and forced displacement in Colombia.
"Oro", his most recent project, brings an unusual vantage point on the day-to-day customs of a country in conflict. In "Oro", Ruiz paints with intricate detail the splendorous Colombian landscape on top of sheets of pure gold. It has been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá, the Santo Domingo Cloister in the city of Cartagena and the Pereira Museum of Art. It has also been shown at the Santo Domingo Cultural Center in Oaxaca, Mexico, and as one of the events of the bicentenary in Madrid, Spain.