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Raffaello Ossola, 1954 | Surrealist painter

Raffaello Ossola, Swiss painter, was born in Locarno, Switzerland and lived in Italy since 1990. Ossola uses acrylic and has a distinctive style that incorporates elements such as architecture, pools, clouds, rocks, shrubs, and obelisks in surreal landscapes. His style uses characteristic light reflections and projections.
Memories, distant recollections both past and future entwined in dreams, visions and journeys. The author likes to define his canvasses ‘Timeless Images’. At the end of the 90’s the response of the public and operators in the field becomes more intense. His works are appreciated by collectors world wide and various Personal exhibitions have been held in Italy and abroad, both in public and private venues. His travels have taken him several times to Greece, the Middle East, France, England and Denmark. He loves to live in contact with nature in almost a shamanic symbiosis with cosmic energy.
He studied for his Diploma at the Locarno Art College. Initially he carried out in-depth figure studies, then his pictorial research reached an informal genre and in 1978 he held his first public exhibition at the ‘Design Centre Gallery’ in Lugano, obtaining ample consensus. In 1990 he moved to Como where he still lives and where the turning point of his career led to self expression in an artistic production which, contrary to the previous period, proposes his own special extra: nature and introspection in order to eliminate the obvious patinas and push on further to reach the essence.