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Tatyana Markovtsev ~ Minimalist painter

Russian painter Татьяна Марковцева is becoming one of the most interesting artists-Minimalists of today. She is able to express powerful and complex human feelings just via a few elegant lines, capturing a wide variety of human emotions with amazing simplicity and clarity. Tatyana literally makes viewers feel the lines of her works. Now, her original Minimalistic style is finding many fans around the world.
Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, she immigrated to the U.S. with her family over 16 years ago, settling just northwest of Chicago. Tatyana, an engineer by trade, has never imagined that one day her works would have universal appeal and touch hearts of virtually everyone who has seen them. She only discovered a strong desire to drawing and begun her journey to mastery less than 2 years ago, 2010, completing over 200 works since.
Her truly unique, Minimalistic style brings lines to live, combining fresh elegance and dynamics of movement in each eternal moment. Tatyana is able to communicate complex emotions without ever drawing faces. She doesn’t name her works, believing that viewers should not be affected by her interpretation of the scene, but make their own minds. People often see themselves and their feelings or life situations in Tatyana’s art, making it relevant to many individuals.
She is masterfully using India ink on cold press paper and various materials to reach the hearts and minds of modern art lovers.