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Vadim Stein, 1967 ~ Black and white Fashion

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Author ✍️ at 3/22/2013 03:17:00 PM

Вадим Штейн is talented Ukrainian photo art creator based in St. Petersburg, Russia. Stein was born in Kiev, Ukraine, where he got an education in the sphere of sculpture and restoration. From 1985-1992 he worked in the Theater of Plastic Drama - as an actor and a lighting designer. After leaving the theater he got keen on decorative sculpture and graphics. Then it became necessary to take photos of his own works. It was the beginning.
Now Vadim Stein lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the city of the white nights and the melancholy people. He is known here as a photographer, sculptor, and stage designer. Now he is trying himself as a videographer.

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