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C.M. Cooper | Impressionist /Figurative painter

C.M. Cooper, American painter, refers to herself as a "contemporary traditionalist".
Her impressionistic paintings blend classic aesthetics with the modern figure.
Women, children, dancers and animals in contemporary settings come to life through her bold impressionistic brush strokes.
Cooper’s delicate color sensitivity and wonderful sense of light create images that are filled with emotion and feeling.

Born and raised in Southern California, Cooper was educated at Art Center College of Design where she earned her BFA.
A career in fashion advertising followed, along with freelance work in editorial illustration.
But her travels to Europe, including an opportunity to live and study in Paris, began to focus her interest towards a fine art career.
Her studies continued at the Associates in Arts Masters Program and 4 years of study with Joseph Mendez.
Rare opportunities to observe and study under the highly respected artists Howard Terpning and Raymond Everett Kinsler further enhanced her artistic abilities and vision.

Today she is a full time gallery painter and art instructor.
Cooper’s work is featured at several galleries across the nation, from Westfield, New Jersey to Laguna Beach, California.
She has won numerous awards including the Salon International’s 2010 Top Award, Third Place in Show.
The Museum Director’s Choice Award at the California Art Club’s 92nd annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition in 2002 was another highly coveted honor.
She is a member of several prestigious art organizations including the Oil Painters of America and the American Society of Portrait Painters.