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Alexandre Pavlenko, 1974 | Pointillist painter

Ukrainian painter Александр Павленко was born in Izmail.
He made his first drawing during his first year in school.
In 1984, after finishing art school he took private drawing lessons at the studio of another Izmail artist, where he was able to further develop his drawing technique.
His technique became so well developed that he is able to achieve any effect desired.

The core of his work is based on composition and internal movement of forms.
His work always includes reality and fantasy.
For example, in his painting “Sweet Smack of Secret”, done in the style of Pointillism, the girl is real as is the space near her, but the horizon is portrayed as if from outer space.

First he sketches the subject, and then he devotes much time to the deciding of matters of composition.
Very often the completed works bears little resemblance to the original sketches, but rather reflect the artist’s philosophical view of the subject.