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Andre Lucero | American Plein Air painter

Andre Lucero is an American painter whose work is primarily composed of plein air landscapes, still lifes and figurative paintings done from life. In combining the draftsmanship of the Academic School along with the color and brushwork of the impressionists, Andre’s work captures the drama of common places and objects as seen through his personal artistic vision. An avid hiker, fly fisherman, and gardener Andre believes that even the most simple of subjects can be elevated, taking on a meaning greater than their initial appearance.

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts, cum laude, in 1989 from Virginia Commonwealth University, Andre worked for more than a decade as a free-lance illustrator. During that time his illustrations appeared in numerous national publications. While he received many accolades and awards for his work as an illustrator, Andre decided to leave the field of illustration and devote himself solely to painting. Andre lives and maintains a studio in Richmond, Virginia.