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Dan Beck | Abstract Impressionist painter

Equally adept at figurative, still-life and landscape, Dan Beck is an award winning artist and sought after teacher. His paintings have found collectors in both the private and corporate world on a national level as well as from such diverse places as Canada, Japan and the Middle East. Dan's work has also been featured in "Southwest Art", "Art of the West" magazines and "Art Talk".

In the decade following his graduation from high school, Dan worked jobs that included ranch-hand in Arizona, construction on the beach of Florida, refinishing furniture in Louisiana and four years in the infantry. Those wanderlust years gave Dan a deep understanding of human nature that is reflected in his figurative works. His love of nature and respect for the tradition of art serve as both guide and inspiration to his goal of "making a contribution" to the world of painting. Dan's paintings evoke a timelessness and dignity that are the underlying themes in whatever he paints.
Dan's continual studies of the masters as well as classes and workshops with artists such as Ramon Kelley, Richard Schmid, Ron Hicks, Quang Ho, Carolyn Anderson and Mark Daily are the keystones to Dan's development as an artist.

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