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Trent Gudmundsen, 1978 | Spring Morning

Gudmundsen's depictions of people and landscapes may seem steeped in nostalgia, but actually symbolically reflect the artist's own life: one in which he strives to live simply and tries to make time for the important moments.
Often using his own children and relatives as models in his paintings, Trent encourages and then captures authentic moments of quiet conversation or contemplation; people learning and teaching, talking and interacting, or simply enjoying a moment in thought in that fleeting time between work and play.

The artist's work has earned acclaim on a national level in numerous shows and publications, including two Oil Painters of America National Exhibitions with an "Award of Excellence" at each, and a full-length feature in Southwest Art.
Trent and his wife and their children live in an agricultural valley near the Utah-Idaho border.
When he's not painting, Trent can usually be found building something on the house or in the yard.