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Giuseppe Muscio | Hyperrealist painter

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Italian painter ⎆ Giuseppe Muscio was born in Orta Nova, a small town situated in the historical and cultural region of Apulia.
"I was fascinated by the majestic landscape around me and realised that I was born to be an artist and painter.
If I close my eyes, I still can smell the perfume of the rows of vines, the fragrance of the olives and the almonds.
I immediately began to reproduce what I could see onto drawing sheets, which my grandfather would give me. Soon, I moved to Milan with my family, leaving behind my roots and my love for the region. I was passionate about painting; I studied the painting’s techniques of the greatest painters of 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.
I also experimented with various painting techniques using scientific methods".

Giuseppe Muscio è nato ad Orta Nova.
Ha studiato le tecniche della pittura dei più grandi pittori del sedicesimo, diciassettesimo e diciottesimo secolo. Ha anche sperimentato varie tecniche pittoriche utilizzando metodi scientifici.
Ha incontrato grandi Maestri come Giorgio De Chirico ⎆, Domenico Cantatore, Renato Guttuso ⎆.
Frequentava i loro studi, dove ha imparato nuove tecniche e ho visto nuove idee migliorando così le sue conoscenze e le abilità pittoriche.

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