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Nicholas Burdykin [Николай Бурдыкин] 1960

Russian painter Николай Бурдыкин, well known as a master of lyrical architectural landscape.
However, in his work, took quite a mythological theme, which is reflected in works of this exhibition.
The myth for centuries nourished the work of artists. Each generation of artists gave their interpretation of the myth.
Not forgotten this issue and in our vain time.
Referring to the mythological theme, Nicholas Burdykin not trying to illustrate it, and focuses all attention on the mythological characters.

They first attracted the attention of the viewer. These images excite the imagination of the artist.
Allows you to create graphically sophisticated - honed songs.
Flowable line form in conjunction with a very thin complex tonal color solution attached to the work performed in an unusual graphic technique of painting a wonderful decorative and festive.