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Felipe Santamans, 1951 | Figurative / Still life painter

Spanish painter⏩ Felipe Santamans studied at the prestigious Fine Arts in The Suria Academies and at Barreira Academies of Valencia at the early age of 13. He was a child prodigy. Beginning his work as a painter of oils, he eventually switched to the more challenging medium of pastels. He was part of the famous "Painters of the Riverside" school and he began exhibiting in 1970. He specializes in figures and still-lifes. His pastels are rich and very detailed.

Santamans is able to take simple every day images from life and translate them into an art form that people from all cultures can understand. His use of colors to highlight parts of an image and downplay others is truly unique. It is this use of color and understanding of the human form and life that makes his artwork so understandable. Santamans has a gift for capturing moments in time, or moving images and bringing them to life forever through his art.