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Nikolai Blokhin, 1968 | Night in Chicago

Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, this young master has emerged as one of the most important artists of his time.
Trained first at the district art school before entering the Repin Institute, Blokhin attained a solid academic foundation in art which can be traced, admired and interpreted today in some of Russia’s famous masters from the turn of the 20th century.
While cultivating ideals realised by many of his predecessors in Russian art theory, Blokhins’ search towards a traditional expressive language consumed him in his early academic years.
It was not until he entered the Academy of Arts that he began to search the canons of those who broke with tradition and shook up thematic artistic views, that he found his own distinct style.

His ability has not gone unnoticed including the Grand Prize at the American Society of Portrait Artists 2002 competition at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and Grand Prize from the Portrait Society of America, Boston, in 2004.
His works hang in various museums in Russia, China, as well as Europe and Finland. Noted collectors are M. Gorbachev, former president of USSR, B. Elzin, former president of Russia, Russia- President V. Putin; USA- Academy Award winning Anthony Quinn. Many other works are found globally in private collections.

Works of Nikolai Blokhin make stunning impression from the first sight. Bright, sound colors complement each other exquisitely; colorful medley seems to be spontaneous yet strictly structured, and each paintbrush catches your eye at the same time performing important function in entire composition.
Blokhin demonstrates unobtrusively his solid academic drawing skills - pleasant rarity in our days. Images of his portraits, landscapes, single and multi-figure genre compositions have a magical quality to remain in one’s memory for a long time.
Education:– 1980-1982 - Art School for gifted children - 1982-1985 - St. Petersburg Middle Art School - 1989-1995 - St. Petersburg Academy of Art - 1995-2000 – Postgraduate studies of the Easel Painting studio under guidance of member of Academy, Professor Reihet - 1995-2000 - Teacher of drawing in St.Petersburg Academy of Art - 2000-2016 - Professor of drawing in St.Petersburg Academy of Art.

  • From 1996 - Member of the Union of Artists of Russian Federation Occupation;
  • From 1995 - Professor of drawing in St. Petersburg Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin;
  • From 2000 - Member of the International Federation of Artist;
    From 2002 - Member of the American Society of Portrait Artists;
  • From 2004 - Member of the Portrait Society of America.