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Jasmine Le Nozac'h, 1970 | Abstract painter

At age 14, Jasmine Le Nozac'h - Belgian painter, began her art studies at the St Luc School of art in Belgium, continuing at the Beaux Arts School in Tournai.
Over 8 years, she first studied photography, graphic arts and plastic arts.
She then left for Paris to learn the trade of interior decorating at the Higher Institute of Decorative Painting - Ipedec.
In 1993, she passed her diploma with flying colors; finishing top of her year.

Immediately recognized for her talent, she now works with architects, photographers, local government agencies and private clients not only all over France, but also in Lebanon, Belgium and Italy.
Meanwhile Jasmine has also become initiated in the techniques involved in art forms using fire, enabling her to work with clay and glass.

Since 2001, Jasmine’s career has evolved so that she works more and more on canvas. According to the theme being explored, she endeavours to find the right tone, expression, colors and personality that is appropriate for each one. She also enjoys writing and illustrating texts and stories that inspire her.