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Bryce Liston, 1965 | Drawings

Being an artist and painting the human figure is what compels me.
It wakes me up at night, it's what I love and I drive myself to do it very well.
Art is my life-long obsession, pleasure and torment

Liston’s artistic inspiration comes largely from the late-19th century; he lists John William Waterhouse, John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, Anders Zorn and William Bouguereau among his strongest influences.

As an artist my career is dedicated to the integrity and quality of representational fine art”, says Liston.
My goal is to regain the traditions of the past along with the standards of craftsmanship and training. By studying the great artists of the past, we artists of today can once again regain a full command of proficiency to create great works of art…art about life.

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