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Josep Costa Vila, 1953

Spanish painter Josep Costa Vila, born near Barcelona, learned Art at the Sant Jordi Art School of the same city, from 1969-1974.
In 1974, he went on improving his academic Art training by attending the famous Massana School, still in Barcelona, where he was graduated in 1977.
Then, he started to work at the Painter Isidre Vicens’ studio, where he stayed for two years. And in order to improve his standard of living, he decided to move to Paris, more precisely in Montmartre, where he started to capture the city’s life and movement, in the streets, the Cafés and other public places.
In 1981, he moved in London, where he stayed for a while and spent a lot of time fulfilling his knowledge by visiting the famous Museums and observing the new trends regarding Art from all over the world displayed in this city.
In 1985, he moved to New York, where he began to communicate in his paintings, the multicultural spirit of the main big Cities in the world. From this period onward, he began to insert in his work, collages, advertisings and drawings that belong to our current lives.
His work won various awards between 1983-1988, and since then, he has not participated in any concourse or competition of any kind anymore, and has been centered onto his own work and artistic career. From 1995, we can enjoy his work at International Exhibitions and Art Fairs in the main Capitals of the world.