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Beatrice Bissara, 1972 | Figurative sculptor

Beatrice Bissara is a painter and sculptor native to Paris, France. From a young age, Beatrice Bissara evolving in the world of art. His childhood was rocked by the museum visits, walks Flea and the atmosphere of the auction rooms auction. Thus accompanying his father with a passion for ancient art, she already forged her taste for classical beauty.
Yet although never be away from this familiar world, it will take a few years to discover a true creative vocation.
After graduation, MSG Dauphine, Master of Political Science and Master of art history at the Sorbonne, during the evening of the Ecole du Louvre; she worked successively at an expert on modern and contemporary paintings and with a modern art dealer, and finally at Sotheby’s in the expertise of old paintings, particularly of the 17th and 18th centuries.

With a thorough knowledge of art history, but self-taught in practice, it is therefore in 2001-2002 she begins to learn painting and sculpture, while pursuing film photography, especially developed in black and white, in which it is interested decade.
For avid travelers always, she reported from Mali, China, India, Burma and Madagascar snapshots of life way…

His passion for color and volume was even driving model to follow courses (fuzzy seam) High School Rose Bertin in Paris as well as professional design fashion design at the Chambre Syndicale de Haute Couture.
During those years, she runs workshops in search of a teacher might teach him the art of drawing, painting and sculpture, she attended various workshops, learning the ancient paintings techniques, pastels, and especially naked and live model. From the outset, his inspiration is figurative, and evolving artist turns to the female portraits or animal figuration.

His apprenticeship was finally made at the option of working with models, and determining meetings to affirm his vocation. So the meeting with the sculptor Petrus, practicing exclusively direct carving in his Paris studio, introduced him to the anatomy and measurement.

Now firmly focused on the work of bronze sculpture, she continued, in a figurative inspiration, his quest for beauty, balance and harmony of bodies, faces and souls. She exhibits in galleries and exhibitions from 2005-2006.

Béatrice Bissara è un'artista Francese che vive e lavora a Parigi.
Il suo campo di indagine artistica e personale si concentra sulla coscienza ed il nostro rapporto con la realtà; attraverso la propria esperienza e percezione "cosmologica" del mondo, interroga questa "realtà" cercando di respingere i limiti della nostra percezione.
L'arte diventa quindi un campo di gioco esperienziale, nel quale nessuna forma di espressione viene scartata a priori, al contrario, i medium possono mescolarsi o intrecciarsi per raggiungere meglio questa "percezione espansa".
I recenti sviluppi scientifici che supportano questa visione, in particolare nelle neuroscienze, nell'astrofisica o nella biologia, alimentano il suo pensiero e diventano media di ricerca.