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Beatrice Bissara, 1972 ~ Parfum d'Orient

Beatrice Bissara is a painter and sculptor native to Paris, France; her childhood is deluded by the visit museums and environment the rooms with auction. Bissara attended the Université Paris Sorbonne, the Université Panthéon Sorbonne and Université Paris Dauphine, also gaining Old Painting expertise at Sotheby’s. She works in the realms of figurative art: portraits, nudes, animals and genre painting. 
After studies in history of art, archaeology and courses at the school of Louvre, it is truly after its maternity that Béatrice launches out in an artistic career in term of realization and creation. Young artist, Béatrice Bissara offers to us, with her sculptures impressed of sensualities her search of the beauty, the balance and the harmony of the bodies, the faces and the hearts. Its naked female allures by their traditional beauty and harmonious softness their forms. In a figurative inspiration, the artist gives to see her perception of the human condition.

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