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Pavel Mitkov, 1977 | Impressionist /Abstract painter

Award winning painter Pavel Mitkov, born in Sofia, Bulgaria, is the most successful and collected Bulgarian artist in the European connoisseur of art community in recent years. Extremely talented, his philosophy of life pertains to wisdom unusual for his young age. The paintings of Pavel Mitkov reflect not only his natural artistic talent, but also his passion for painting.

The artist confesses that his greatest motivation and satisfaction in his work comes from the opportunity to give people what they love and understand best: the beauty of their homeland and city, the magic in a house, a street, which they pass by every day but often do not see. He took up painting in 1994 while still at high school. Later, he earned a degree in Landscape Design. Mitkov quickly made progress in the world of art. For just a few years he became one of Bulgaria’s best selling painters and in 2007, a Deutsche Welle documentary even pitched him as one of Europe’s most successful artists whose art has a universal appeal.
He got international recognition in 2004 when the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Board of Trustees commissioned and made a gift of Mitkov’s painting to then Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was on a visit Bulgaria. That brought in plenty of commissioned artworks and prestigious exhibitions. Mitkov’s paintings have also been presented as gifts to Pope John Paul II, King Albert II of Belgium, Pope Benedict XVI, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Russian Patriarch Kirill and other dignitaries from all over the world. With numerous international exhibitions in Europe, the USA and Russia, Mitkov’s artworks have become a benchmark for success.

Mitkov has been awarded a number of prizes including:
  • Laureate of the Medal of Franz Kafka;
  • World Prize of Salvador Dali for Fine Arts by the Salvador Dalí International Alliance
  • Order of Lomonosov;
  • Prize for Fine Arts of Masarykova Academy, Prague;
  • Gold Medal, France 29th January 2009;
  • Diploma of participation at the International Painting Camp "Bucovina - Past, Present, and Future", Romania, 2011.

He has been taking an active part in the political, social and artistic life both in Bulgaria and elsewhere in the world. He has opened his galleries in Berlin, Germany, Karlowi Wari, the Czech Republic, Moscow, Russia, Verona, Italy, Washington and New York the USA. He loves the East and is a regular visitor to Tokyo, Japan and Vladivostok, Russia among others. Mitkov’s art conveys a message of peace, kindness and harmony. The artist determines three periods in his art spanning over 12 years each.

Pavel Mitkov è nato a Sofia, in Bulgaria nel 1977. Ha iniziato a dipingere nel 1994, mentre studiava ancora al liceo. In seguito, ha conseguito una laurea in Progettazione del paesaggio. Mitkov ha rapidamente fatto progressi nel mondo dell'arte.
In pochi anni è diventato uno dei migliori pittori di vendita della Bulgaria e nel 2007 un documentario Deutsche Welle lo ha lanciato come uno degli artisti di maggior successo in Europa la cui arte ha un fascino universale.
Ha ottenuto un riconoscimento internazionale nel 2004, quando un quadro di Mitkov è stato donato al presidente russo Vladimir Putin, che era in visita in Bulgaria.
Mitkov ha partecipato in molte mostre prestigiose.
I dipinti di Mitkov sono stati presentati come regalo a Papa Giovanni Paolo II, al re Alberto II del Belgio, al Papa Benedetto XVI, al Patriarca ecumenico Bartolomeo, al patriarca russo Kirill e ad altri dignitari provenienti da tutto il mondo. Con numerose mostre internazionali in Europa, USA e Russia, le opere di Mitkov sono diventate un punto di riferimento per il successo.