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Holly Sierra ~ American Magic realism painter

Whether wandering through the forest or exploring an ancient crumbling castle, Holly Sierra finds inspiration all around her. Holly has been drawn to painting things ‘mystical and magical’ for as long as she can remember. After her fine art education at SUNY Purchase in NY, the next decade found Holly living and traveling extensively in Asia. She now blends her marvelous multicultural memories with themes that influence and fascinate her today.
Upon her return to the U.S. Holly went to work as a children’s book illustrator. Her paintings adorn a variety of books, magazines covers, greeting cards, paper dolls and educational materials. Most recently she illustrated ‘The Fairy Chronicle Series’ by J.H. Sweet. As well, one of her Southwestern paintings, ‘Navajo Weave’ is featured with the Leanin’ Tree company as a popular greeting card. Her highly imaginative and detailed ‘Earth Goddesses’ series is featured in prints and as greeting cards. Holly works and displays her original paintings at The Art Gallery in Stowe, Vermont.
Sierra’s love of all things pagan and materialized in a magical way. She has been reading the Tarot cards since she was a teen and discovered an antique Italian deck in her parents attic. In her youth she felt a very strong connection to her Irish grandmother... A tarot card and tea leaf reader born in, County Kerry, Ireland.
Eventually, through Holly’s travels in the British Isles and Europe, she became fascinated with the wealth of ancient Neolithic and Megalithic sites that dotted the landscape. And over the years, while traveling, she has dedicated herself to an in depth study of the early Druid and Pagan cultures, as well as avidly collecting books and art focusing on multicultural Gods and Goddesses, in both legend and lore.

Above all else, Holly has a developed a particular fondness for The Green Man, in any and all of his guises! Her art features a myriad of such enchanted beings, who beckon the audience forth, to explore their decorative fantasy worlds. With her endless penchant for detail, Holly hopes to encourage others to see life as she does ~ a tapestry of color, design, beauty and light. Holly lives, at present, in Vermont with her husband, children and a multitude of pets!