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Anna and Elena Balbusso ~ Italian Surrealist illustrator

Italian twins Anna and Elena Balbusso are internationally recognized award winning illustrators live and work in Milan. Since 1998 they have been working as a team freelance in Italy, France, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Republic of Korea. Their works have been published by major publishers and companies through out the world on various media types such as book jackets, magazines, newspapers, in house corporate, ads, children’s books and classic novels. Their artwork has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions and galleries in Italy and abroad.
In 2013 They have been named the Winners of the V and A Illustration Awards - best book - by The Victorian and Albert Museum London [UK] for our illustrations "Eugene Onegin" by Alexander Pushkin, published by the Folio Society, London 2012.

They have been awarded three GOLD Medals -consecutive years 2011-2012-2013- in the book category of the Society of Illustrators NYC, two SILVER Medals of the 3x3 Magazine Annual Illustration 2010-2012. The Balbusso's work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators (New York), Communication Arts Magazine, American Illustration, 3x3 The Magazine Of Contemporary Illustration, Creative Quarterly The Journal of Art and Design, Applied Arts Magazine CA, Lürzers Archive 200 Best Illustrators worldwide, Print European Regional Design, Bologna Children’s Book Fair. They have been featured in the issue 21 (2013) of the magazine 3x3 Magazine. The magazine has devoted to their work 16 pages with a particular focus on their illustrated books. The article about their career has been written by the Architect and Illustrator Max Casalini, co-founder of the Arcoquattro Studio in Milan and of the Italian Association of Illustrators. In 2012 their artwork "Pregnant" (The Handmaid's Tale by M. Atwood book, Folio Society 2012) was featured in the British newspaper The Guardian and they were interviewed by Steven Heller for The Atlantic American magazine.
In 2010 their work was featured in the Communication Arts Design Annual 51 with with an eight-page article written by Bonnie Smetts. They have been members of the Society of Illustrators of New York since 2009.