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Anny Maddock, 1954 | Figurative painter

South African painter Anny Maddock started drawing people when she was old enough to hold a pencil and was considered a child prodigy. She matriculated at Rhenish Girls High in Stellenbosch and then studied fine art at Cape Technical College. After qualifying she studied Fashion Design and then went into Textile Design.
After her marriage and divorce she worked in fields as diverse as journalism, tourism, antiques and restauranteering.

At the age of 40 she and her daughter left the Cape and started a new life in the little picturesque village of Lady Grey. In this rural setting, surrounded by mountains, nature and eccentric villagers, Anny rediscovered her art and became the committed artist she is now.
Because she specialized in commissioned portraits, there was not much time to produce her personal work, but what she did manage to send to galleries, was well received. She exhibited annually at the Grahamstown Festival with other Eastern Cape artists, but still maintained an exclusivity through only working on commission.

During 2002 Anny Maddock decided to dedicate herself fulltime to painting. She produces paintings of women, all in reflective mood. She feels these are metaphorical biography of her own spiritual journey and uses her beautiful daughter as a model.
Anny's paintings are exhibited in selected galleries throughout SA and Namibia. Art connoisseurs appreciate Anny Maddock's technical expertise but everyone can be touched by the beauty and soulfulness of her work. A fellow artist commented: "Each of Anny's paintings is like a line of poetry".