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Jiang Debin /蒋德斌, 1963 | Watercolor lotus

Chinese painter🎨 Jiang Debin [蒋德斌] was born in Chongqing City. In 1987 he graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the Southwest Normal University. From 1987-1992 he worked as a teacher at the Sanxia Science and Technology Institute. In 1992 he moved to Zhuhai Established and his studio.
His work "Colorful Melody" was shown at the Fifth Exhibition Watercolor and Gouache. "Sunshine" was Displayed at the First Guangdong Watercolor Exhibition.
In 2001 he was Invited to a group show held in Zhongshan city. In 2001 he held his solo show at the gallery Yaxuan Liu. Some of his works have been in private and corporate collections at Home and Abroad.
His main subject, the lotus series of works can be said to be a combination of a breakthrough from a rigorous traditional realism toward Chinese painting freehand techniques.