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Enric Torres Prat, 1940 | Figurative painter | Page 2

Enric Torres Prat🎨 in an Spanish Figurative painter and illustrator.
"I started reading comic books in America in the 1970’s. At that time, most comics were produced for a younger audience. As I matured, I started to seek out comics and graphic stories that were created for an older audience.
Soon I discovered the Warren magazines. With the wonderful paintings on their covers, I could not help but notice these magazines. The cover paintings were created by many talented artists, one of my favorites being Enric".

"I would study the covers by Enric and picture him as an older, gray-haired master sitting in a grand studio smoking a pipe, while creating painting after wonderful painting. I did not realize until some time later that Enric was, at that time, an artist with a young family just launching his professional career.
His formal art background and his drive for perfection gave the impression that his paintings had the wisdom and techniques of the Old Masters. The way that he paints tones in skin, or the way that his paintings dance so effortlessly with shade and light.
And that continues to this day" - Enric Torres Prat.