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Martin Llamedo, 1980 | Figurative painter

Martin Llamedo was born in Argentina, where he currently lives and paints. At a young age he studied ceramic and sculpture with Hector Alves.
During his time at the university he was taught by Domingo Florio, Carlos Carmona, Alfredo Portillos, Julio Flores, Salvador Constanzo, and art theory by Castillo, Magaz, Dragosky and Laurenzi.

He studied painting with Jose Marchi. Also he has assisted in seminars directed by Ennio Iommi, Juan Carlos Distfano, Gyulia Kosice, and Luis Benedit.
He travels extensively to assist in seminars and conferences regarding the problematical of art.
Additional activities include characterization, wardrobe, scenography, musicalization and lighting for contemporary dance pieces with companies such as: Latin American competition of Dance and American Dance (Cordoba), in Buenos Aires: National Competition of Dance, Globo theatre, Borges Cultural Center, Empire.

Llamedo also restores sculptures and drawings for the artist Naum Knop working with the techniques and materials of medieval and flamenco painting.
Currently Llamedo is a Professor of Projectual Painting at the N.U.I.A, National University Institute of Art and a professor of extracurricular workshops, and workshops of combined art at the Dance Institute I.D.E and at the Albert Schweitzer Institute.