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Alberto Pancorbo, 1956 | Fantastic Realism painter

Born in the city of Soria (Spain) Pancorbo begins to paint from a very early age in his native city. At the age of 18 he transferred to the city of Barcelona with the ultimate goal to dedicate himself only to painting.
In 1980 he became an exclusive artist of Sala Gaudi (Barcelona), which exposed his paintings for the first time in the international fair of art of Basilea (Swiss).
He began a period of exhibitions in different cities of Spain and overseas. In many of these exhibitions he obtained numerous Awards in various art contests.
In 1985 he holds his first exhibition in Madrid and is awarded the "Artist revelation of the year" by the magazine Correo Del Arte de Madrid.
The first publication detailing the paintings of Pancorbo is published in Barcelona in 1986 and afterward he moves to his new residence in Bogotá (Colombia) where he holds numerous exhibitions.

He also exhibits his work in the United States, Mexico and others countries of the Americas. He successfully participates in numerous art fairs and auctions including world famous Sotheby's (New York). In 1994 the book "Labyrinths of the Soul" by Pancorbo is published, compiling great selections of his paintings.
The book is featured in several publications of realistic art as well as other famous publications.
 His works are displayed in different private and public collections throughout the Americas and Europe. In 1998 Pancorbo moved to Miami where he lives now, a city in which he has had numerous exhibitions since 1990.

The basis of Pancorbo's technical mastery is a traditional and complete art education, a method of training that provided discipline and total understanding of the media of painting.
With his knowledge and extraordinary ability to paint, Pancorbo creates his own original and personal style outside the formality of the academic tradition.

Alberto Pancorbo è nato a Soria (Spagna) il 18 aprile del 1956.
Nel 1980, è diventato un artista esclusivo di Sala Gaudi (Barcellona).
Vincitore di numerosi premi, le sue opere sono esposte in diverse collezioni pubbliche e private in America, Europa e Asia. Nel 1998, si trasferisce a Miami dove vive attualmente.
Visitare i labirinti dell'immaginazione di Pancorbo significa confrontarsi con simboli antichi e moderni. Essi alludono alla solitudine dell'esistenza umana, immersa nel caos della vita urbana, nel quale i valori tradizionali vengono persi o si svuotano di significato. Attraverso una perfetta tecnica realistica Pancorbo cerca di rendere plausibili e convincenti le sue visioni improbabili, oniriche o fantastiche.