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Igli Jorgo, 1965 ~ Abstract painter

Igli Jorgo is a modern artist who paints classically in spirit, modern in creation developing a new relation of forms and space. He gathers an abundance of figure elements from classical images and transcribes them with a descriptive efficacy, which is uncommon to all.
Albanian painter Igli Jorgo was born in Tirana, Albania.
- 1985: Graduate, School of Art in Tirana, with Professor N.Bakalli.
- 1989: Degree in Painting and Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana.
- 2008: Recognition of Degrees as equivalent with the ASFA Athens.
His works are in the National Gallery of Albania and in private collections in: - Greece and abroad.
Lives and works in Athens since 1991.

"The inspiration begins the journey of an artistic interpretation with all my belongings... Seeking a twig to rest on and touch feet on the earth, to be born. React ... I leave the thinking to spill outside the boundaries and create margins ... Through an explosion rises the rose ... and the detail that makes the difference. I become small ... to nest in a carnation’s leaf and grow, creating the contact. Around the axis of her music I am reborn on a cloud, one piece of canvas on a frame. So different yet so similar.... Escaping the black frame of everyday’s life and I walk around you, over the rooftops to the high cloud that empties your thoughts in earthy breezes. The paper boat.... and the journey of inspiration starts again from the beginning... “Little Fairytales” and colors..."

1992: «ESCAPE», National Gallery, Tirana.
1995: «Landscapes» Hall “Parnassos’, Athens.
2000: «Passion», Gallerie Konti, ….. Athens
2000: «Ancient», Gallerie Lefakis, Kifissia.
2001: «Faces», Mykonos Art Gallery, Mykonos.
2005: «Labyrinth», Melina Mercouri Hall, Hydra.
2008: «Memories», Cultural Center of Alimos.
2012: «Little fairytale», Michael Cacoyiannis foundation.

1991: «Spring», National Gallery, Tirana.
1993: Cultural Center of Athens.
2002: Hilton Hotel, Nicosia, Cyprus.
2003: «2×2», Peristyle, Thessaloniki.
2009: «Nature and Man», Technopolis, Municipality of Athens.