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Diego L. Rodríguez ~ Abstract illustrator

Diego L. Rodríguez is an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and visual Artist from Spain.
From his childhood, he has been always dedicated to the audiovisual !eld. He has studied Cinema Production, Publicity and Photography, working on those !elds for a few years. The arrival of new tools and the outburst of digital graphics, made Diego to focus his career into digital art and illustration.

Restless, passionated and open minded, his creative work is constantly evolving and taking new paths through experimentation, creating an unique signature and producing work and graphics for clients around the world such as Adobe, Paramount Pictures, HBO, Nike, Rossignol, Warner Music Group or Konami - to name a few.

- I’m titled in Cinema Production and Digital Photography. After some years working in the audiovisual field, mainly fashion photography and high-end retouching. I started to explore the new digital possibilities mixing photography and illustration, joining some art collectives. At that time my mind was blown away with the quality and amount of artists and styles, so It changed completely my vision and I decided to dedicate myself to illustration and graphic design. 
I’m always motivated to create something very unique, having my main influences in cinema, music, asian and ancient cultures, manga and comic books, science, physics and cosmology. I try to explore as much as I can in those fields and they are always part of my graphic language - Diego L. Rodríguez.