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Yuko Nagayama 永山裕子, 1963 ~ Symbolic Watercolor painter

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Japanese artist Nagayama Yuka 永山裕子 was born in Tokyo. In 1985 graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music with a premium, and in 1987 the School of Arts Department Satoru in Tokyo.
Since 2009 - teacher of painting in the Art University Musashino. Together with another watercolorist Kazuo Kasai opened his own school of watercolor, constantly conducts master classes. Uses French paper Arches, gold paint, salt, concealer, etc. Also writes acrylic.

Yuko Nagayama Flowers symbolising life... and death. A touch of zen philosophy combines with a very personal and poetic view of painting.

Group exhibition
2003 "Kamikotoba" exhibition Vol4, Aoya Japanese Paper Works, Tottori prefecture;
2003 "Kanokai" Taimei gallery, Tokyo;
2003 International Women's Art Fair in Seoul, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul;
2002 KIAF Pusan Contemporary Art Fair, Kumsun gallery, Seoul;
2002 Exhibition in Commemoration of the 30th Aniversary of Normalization of Diplomatic;
Relations between Japan and China, Gallery Tonichi, Tokyo;
2002 "Kanokai" Taimei gallery, Tokyo;
2002 Gallery ARK, Yokohama;
2001 2 Persons exhibition with Tomoko Esashi, Gallery Tonichi, Tokyo;
2001 10 artists exhibition of Japan Contemporary Art, Pusan City Art Museum;
2001 "Kanokai" Taimei gallery, Tokyo;
2000 "Kanokai" Taimei gallery, Tokyo.
Solo exhibition

2002 Gallery Kaze (Osaka), Gallery CASO (Osaka), Kumsun gallery, Korea;
2001 Gallery SAOH and TOMOS, Tokyo.

L'artista Giapponese Yuko Nagayama 永山裕子 è nata a Tokyo. Nel 1985 si diploma alla scuola d'Arte con un premio, e nel 1987 frequenta la Scuola di Arti Dipartimento Satoru a Tokyo. Dal 2009 è docente di pittura nel Musashino Art University. Insieme ad un altro acquerellista Kazuo Kasai, ha aperto la propria scuola di acquerello, dove conduce costantemente corsi di perfezionamento. Utilizza carta Arches francesi, vernice d'oro, sale, correttore, ecc. Scrive anche in acrilico.

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  1. Yuco es una acuarelista increible, unica en el manejo del color,transparencias ,yccomposicion.Felicitaciones, cada trabajo es un delete.


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