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Konstantin Sterkhov / Константин Стерхов, 1968 | Watercolour painter

A talented Russian🎨 watercolorist Константин Стерхов was born in Russia. Graduated from Repin Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Graphic Department.
- Member of Saint-Petersburg Watercolour Society.
- Member of Watercolor Society of Finland.
- Participant of local and international exhibitions.
- Teaching Art Courses in Russia and abroad.
- Graphic design and projects for different companies.
- Art works in private collections in Russia, Germany, Finland, Austria, Netherland, Italy, India, UK, China, US.

A graduate from The Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Sterkhov has been serving his vocation of watercolorist for over 20 years. As a devout ascetic of the watercolor technique, he has realized various projects to make it more available for all who are interested.

Sterkhov directs his efforts to raise the prestige and level of watercolor in Russia. He collaborates with leading world art supplies manufacturers.

By testing and announcing his tests results, Sterkhov introduces leading brands` products to the Russian audience.

Sterkhov is constantly experimenting with material, finding available, simple ways of explaining how to master the water element.

He is improving himself by developing in his creation the realistic direction in the genre of psychological portrait.
Connoisseurs of painting think much of his lyrical landscapes with water space in all its embodiments – from a vast raging sea, or sparkling reflections in a city pool, to a quite forest lake.

Sterkhov`s works are represented in private collections in Russia, Germany, Austria, India, UK, Finland and China. He tries to bring the message to the art collectors that the watercolor painting is a better investment than oil.
The paint itself has the same pigments only it is water based. It is more natural than oil paints and it doesn`t change its color after many years, even after 100 years it may look as when it was only painted.

Sterkhov Konstantin is a member of Saint-Petersburg Watercolor society which was found in the end of XIX-th century and restored in 90-s of of XX. It is the only watercolor society in Russia and it has its goal to keep the traditions of transparent aquarelle going. Sterkhov takes a lot of efforts to spread the message of watercolor medium to watercolor lovers through internet.

He runs the blog sterkhovart.blogspot.com where he share a lot of information about the medium worldwide, takes interviews of international top watercolor artists, writes art reviews and publish free watercolor lessons.
He believes that the interest to watercolor is in the process of development and this wonderful medium will have its highest blooming. He is doing his best for it.