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Mia Bergeron ~ Figurative painter

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New York artist Mia Bergeron’s interest in art was cultivated early on, beginning with continuous exposure to visual works through her parents’ graphic design firm in New York City. As a high school student, Mia pursued the arts both at the curricular and extracurricular levels, and in 1998 she was admitted to the Rhode Island School of Design. After a year of intensive foundation courses, she decided to leave RISD to pursue a more traditional painting program.
I was born in New York City to two graphic designers. In 1998, I was admitted into the Rhode Island School of design. After a year of foundation classes, I left RISD to move to Boston, where I worked at the Museum of Fine Arts. In 2002, I moved to Florence, Italy, to study at the Charles Cecil Studio.

I studied and taught classical portrait painting for 3 years there. In 2006, I moved to Chattanooga, Tn, where I now reside as a professional portrait painter. I am also working on a grant to paint 9 portraits of local residents to help promote social awareness. I just recently started a school of fine art named the 8th Street Studios.

"When I was in school in Italy, I was constantly told I was better at getting an overall effect than I was at achieving detail. This was seen as a weakness, and I was also told I was a temperamental painter. For years I thought these two 'defects' would hurt my work. In the past year, I've really worked on making my vulnerabilities my strengths. Instead of denying that I am an erratic painter and that I like big, overall effects (like mood, for instance), I decided to accept those parts of me and even play them up in these paintings".

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