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Virgilio Tojetti | Genre painter

Virgilio Tojetti (1851-1901), the son of the painter Domenico Tojetti (1807-1892), was born in Rome, Italy.
Tojetti was a pupil of his father and later studied in Paris with Gérôme and Bouguereau.
He was a resident of San Francisco from 1871 until about 1883 when he moved to New York City.
He became popular in the East as a painter of Genre scenes and frescoes. Tojetti died of Bright's disease in New York City on March 26, 1901.

Tojetti exhibited with the Boston Art Club, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, National Academy of Design, and the Brooklyn Art Association.
Numerous works by the artist have been sold at auction, including 'Cupid's Whisper' sold at Doyle New York 'European, American, Modern and Contemporary Art' in 2010.
His work is found in a number of museums and private collections, including the de Young Museum in San Francisco.
Tojetti was as well commissioned to paint murals for the New York City residence of financier Charles T. Yerkes, also for the Savoy Hotel and Flagler College (formerly the Ponce De Leon Hotel) in St. Augustine, Florida.

Virgilio Tojetti è nato a Roma nel 1849, figlio di Domenico (Rocca di Papa, 1807 - San Francisco, 1892), noto artista dell'affresco.
Il giovane Tojetti prima studiò con il padre e successivamente, trasferitosi in Francia, a Parigi con Jean-Léon Gérôme ed William-Adolphe Bouguereau, all'epoca molto celebri in ambito accademico.
Dalla Francia Virgilio Tojetti emigrò poi negli Stati Uniti, si fermò prima a San Francisco, e quindi a New York.
Acquistò notorietà per i suoi affreschi e quadri del genere cosiddetto 'scene painting'.
Nella Big Apple, dove morì nel 1901, lavorò a murales in particolare al Savoy Hotel e Hoffman House.