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Johnny Morant, 1982 | Figurative painter

Johnny Morant is a contemporary visual artist from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His evolving process explores a deconstructive approach to traditional themes.
Johnny explains his work by saying, "Working in oil on canvas I focus on the ethereal qualities of recollection and experience. I readdress personally familiar subject matter and bring about a reinvigorated while somewhat detached interpretation of moments past.

I attended art school in Bristol and Bournemouth before moving to London and more recently Amsterdam. Asked to sum up my last exhibition I explained that "by playing on the border between clarity and suggestion my work prioritises the intuitive application of paint and aims to capture the viscosity of light and insecurity of form".

Green & Stone Prize For Best Oil Painting at the Annual Show, Chelsea Art Society;
Finalist - Windsor & Newton Young Artists Award, Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Mall Galleries;
Finalist - Windsor & Newton Young Artists Award, Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours, Mall Galleries;
Finalist - Young Marine Artists Shipwrights Prize, RSMA, Mall Galleries;
Prizewinner - Blackmore Vale Fine Arts Prize, Guggleton Gallery.