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Ernesto Garcia Peña, 1949 | Abstract painter

Painter, drawer and engraver, Ernesto Garcia Peña has a natural tendency towards fantasy and hedonism, where he ingrains his artworks with a perceptible chromatic gradation of musical notes to express his feelings and emotions towards sensual subjects.
The fine drawing, the explosion of greens and blues, the delicate transparencies, all bestow a voluptuous sensuality to his obsessive search for beauty.
Plant motifs, with an evanescent lightness, create a dreamlike atmosphere that the artist controls at will to tone down or emphasize the eroticism of his enigmatic women or the mating of his levitating couples.
He studied art at the Instituto Superior de Arte. His paintings are part of the collection of Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Cuba, Museo de Arte Memorial América Latina, Brasil, Museo de Arte Moderno Miskolc, Hungría and Museo de Arte de Las Américas, Nicaragua.

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