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Albert Marquet | Landscape Naturalist | Fauvist painter

Albert Marquet (Bordeaux, 26 Mar. 1875 - Paris, 14 June 1947) was a French painter and draughtsman. He was one of the Fauves, and for a time his boldness of colour almost matched that of Matisse (his lifelong friend). 
However, he soon abandoned Fauvism and turned to a comparatively naturalistic style. 
He painted some fine portraits and did a number of powerful female figures (1910-14), but he was primarily a landscapist.

His favourite -eventually almost exclusive- themes were ports and the bridges and quays of Paris, subjects he depicted with unaffected simplicity and great sensitivity to tone.
Marquet was an outstanding draughtsman and from 1925 worked a good deal in watercolour.
He travelled widely and built up an international reputation, but he lived very quietly (he was timid in personality) and refused all honours. | Text Source: The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists, Oxford University Press

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