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George Henry | The Glasgow School of Art

Scottish painter Gorge Henry (1858-1943), born in Ayrshire, gained his formative training at Glasgow School of Art in the early 1880s and attended informal classes at William York Macgregor's studio in Bath Street.
He later studied in Paris furthering his development as a figure painter and portraitist of the utmost refinement.

A crucial formative experience for the artist was the trip that he made to Japan with Edward Atkinson Hornel 1893-1894, during which he studied Japanese graphic art and painted a number of portraits of geishas.
Following his travels Henry settled in London, keeping a studio in Glebe Place in Chelsea, and made a living as a highly admired and sought after society portrait painter. | © Sotheby’s

George Henry (Ayrshire, 1858-1943) è stato un pittore Scozzese.
Uno dei più importanti della Glasgow School, fu pregiato paesaggista e trascorse periodi a Londra ed in Giappone dal 1893-1895.