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Ger Doornink, 1949 | Portrait Mixed media painter

Dutch Conceptual Artist Ger Doornink is a creative multitalent specialized in painting, illustration and photography. He is combining different techniques the outcome is often more than surprising.
Doornink received an education at the Arnhem Art Academy in Publicity. Doornink is a very versatile artist who started his career as designer and photographer in the advertisement business and the fashion world. Here he build quite the reputation, using an alias: Gerry the Cat.
He lived and worked in Tokyo, where he became acquainted with the Japanese style, and used this in his designs.

In Milan he became seriously impressed of the Italian masters and the Italian way of life. When he returned to Amsterdam, Doornink studied the Dutch old masters like Rembrandt.
Nowadays he paints large portraits of women. He combines different aspects of his career in his paintings like the graphic design, influences from the old masters and his eye for beauty. He feels throughout his career he has always been looking for the aspect of beauty in the world surrounding him. Now he wants to present an element of beauty into art loversandcollectioners’ homes.
Doornink worked in Milan, Tokyo, New York. He is currently based in Amsterdam.