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Sally Storch, 1952 | Storyteller artist

Sally Storch comes from an artistic family with roots in the Paris school of the early Twentieth Century. Her great aunt Bertha Rihani lived and painted in Paris during the 1920’s and kept the company of Henri Matisse🎨 and in particular Kees Van Dongen🎨.
Another aunt, painter Stephanie Stockton, attended The Art Students League in New York and apprenticed with John Steuart Curry in the 1930’s. Storch spent a great deal of time with both aunts, and both of these women painters were particularly influential to her as a young girl.

American Art in the early twentieth century was, to a great extent, about Regionalism and naturalistic presentation of American life with artists like Edward Hopper🎨 and Thomas Hart Benton. Storch cites these artists as great inspirations. She combines this style with that of the early Ash Can and Regionalist schools of New York to create passionate contemporary paintings that incite feelings of timelessness and romance.
The driving force in Sally Storch’s paintings is her ability as a storyteller🎨. Her work offers a pure vision of ordinary people unsentimentally portrayed. Her paintings are made up of intricate scenarios, each person living their own tale. She allows them to go about their private lives, while we as viewers, unravel the narrative.
Sally Storch received her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Southern California. She currently lives and works in Pasadena. | Stephanie Retsek, Art Historian