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Chie Yoshii | Surrealist /Visionary painter

Japanese by birth, Chie Yoshii moved to the US, where she completed BFA at Massachusetts College of Art in 2000 and studied with Adrian Gottlieb from 2002 to 2008.
Much of her work is inspired by the analogy between mythological tales and the human psychology.
She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.


  • 2002-2008 Adrian Gottrieb Studio, Los Angeles, CA;
  • 2000 BFA Massachusetts Collefe of Art, Boston, MA;
  • 1997 BA Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan.
  • Solo Show
  • 2014 "In the darkness of mere being" at Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle;
  • 2016 (scheduled) at William Baczek Fine Arts, Northampton, MA.

Group Shows

  • 2015 ‘Beyond Eden" with Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA;
  • 2015 ‘LAX/LHR" with Thinkspace Gallery, London, England;
  • 2015 ‘Art Monaco’ with Dorothy Circus Gallery, Monaco, France;
  • 2015 LAX/DTW, Thinkspace Gallery, Detroil, MI;
  • 2015 ‘POW! WOW!’ with Thinkspace Gallery, Honolulu, HI;
  • 2015 ‘Blink’ show, Antler Gallery, Portland, OR;
  • 2015 ‘La Familia’ show, Thinkspace Gallery, Culver City, CA;
  • 2015 LA ART SHOW with Roq La Rue Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2015 "Incantation" show at Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle;
  • 2014 "In Missa Interfectionis" Stephen Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, NY;
  • 2014 "Size Matters" show at Arcadia Contemporary, New York, NY;
  • 2014 "tallTale" show at Susan Eley Fine Art, New York, NY;
  • 2013 "Other World" show at Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle;
  • 2013 LA ART SHOW with S R Brennen Galleries, Los Angeles, CA;
  • 2010 The HeArt Project's 18th Annual Evening of Art, Los Angeles;
  • 2010 KAA Art Expo, Los Angeles, CA;
  • 2009 The HeArt Project’s 17th Annual Evening of Art, Los Angeles;
  • 2008 KAA Art Expo, Los Angeles, CA.

  • 2015 Woman of Wonder (on the cover);
  • 2015 Lost and Found Polish Online Magazine;
  • 2015 Symbol and Aesthetics Online Magazine;
  • 2015 Psikeart Turkish Magazine;
  • 2014 HI FRUCTOSE Review;
  • 2014 ARRESTED MOTION Review.
  • 2013 Finalist at 2012-2013 ARC Salon;
  • 2000 Graduation with distinction;
  • 2000 Departmental Honor;
  • 2000 Bookbuilders of Boston Scholarships.

Nata in Giappone, Chie Yoshii, si è trasferita nel 2000 negli Stati Uniti per studiare al Massachusetts College of Art and Design con il maestro Adrian Gottlieb, dal 2002 al 2008.
Attualmente Chie Yoshii lavora e vive a Los Angeles. Le sue opere d'arte su affascinanti connessioni tra il mondo umano e animale e molte immagini sono surreali, fondendo diverse culture e periodi storici insieme con grande maestria.

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